We offer cutting, wrapping and processing meat services.  We can process meats for sausages and burgers.  We have a wide variety of sausage and burger flavors to choose from or you can provide your own recipe.  Contact us for prices and details.

We accept these animals for our butchering services.  All animals should be gutted, skinned, cleaned and kept in cold temperature to maintain freshness of meat.  Meat will be examined upon receipt if they can be accepted for processing.

Wild Game Animals Butchering

Venison, Quartered Elk, Wild Pig, Water Fowl

Small Farm Animals Butchering

Goat, Lamb, Pig

Kindly contact us for animals not listed above.

“Don’t know what to do with your frozen wild game meat from the last hunting season?  Bring it to us and we will make those into delicious sausages for you!”